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Solid/Glass Partition System
In Wall

A revolutionary structural external-flush glass partition wall in 85 mm thickness. A snap-fit fastening, between glass and aluminum profile, without the use of glues result of years of research. An innovation that overcomes the limitations of traditional technical adhesive materials allowing a reliable fixing stable over time and independent of the environmental operating conditions. A compensator/leveler designed to absorb structural adjustments or attenuate the seismic stress.

Light wall 75
Light wall 75


  • 1 85 mm thickness
  • 2 Tightness without glues
  • 3 Connections of the locking components
  • 4 External-fl ush glass, 12/13 mm
  • 5 Two solutions of glazed partition wall
  • 6 Two solutions of solid partition wall
  • 7 Micrometric adjustment of the bottom track
  • 8 Spring leveller/compensator into the top track
  • 9 High noise reduction
  • 10 High sound absorption
  • 11 Resistance to seismic stress

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