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Light Wall

Light Wall is a system of interior demountable partition walls in which the panels, in glass and wood, are self-bearing. LW1 and LWA versions are single-glazed, central and asymmetric, LW2 version is double-glazed, LWC is composed of two solid panels. The partitions, 75 mm thick, are made of extruded aluminium profiles designed to house safety glass panels, special glazed panels with wood or fabric, solid panels in melamine, veneer coated or lacquered.

Light wall 75
Light wall 75


  • 1 Glass and solid elements, seamless. Flush connections provided by minimal joints in extruded aluminium, both vertical and horizontal.
  • 2 Corner connections for double-glazed partitions, obtained by 45° grinding of glasses.
  • 3 3-way connection for double glass partitions. A complex joint solved by maintaining transparency and linearity.
  • 4 Solid sections designed to be fitted with shelves anchored to extruded aluminium profiles. Elegance, precision and functionality to provide support, storage, exhibition.
  • 5 Corner profile to change the solution between solid and single-glazed partitions, a junction that guarantees perfect mechanical anchoring and high aesthetic level.
  • 6 Corner profile to change the solution between solid and double-glazed partitions.
  • 7 Door with extruded aluminium frame and safety laminated glass, pivot hinge and handle with lock integrated into the frame.
  • 8 Door with extruded aluminium frame and veneer coated panel, pivot hinge and handle with lock integrated into the frame.
  • 9 Framed solid door with double leaf.
  • 10 Door with honeycomb leaf, concealed hinge and handle with integrated lock.
  • 11 Sliding doors with glass leaves with sliding system inside the partition wall. An advanced solution to avoid external items, in order to ensure clean design and functionality.
  • 12 Storage wall integrated with glass elements, full-height doors, espagnolette bolts and inner metal shelves.
  • 13 Low cabinets integrated to the glazed partition, storage, functionality, style.

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